Content marketing, Apple style

Ah, the Apple Store. All white space and shiny surfaces… *stroke stroke*… At one table stands a man with a battered and bashed iPad screen, at another eight elderly ladies with tight white curls and powdery cheeks sit in a u-shape and giggle as they attend a training session. And at the back of the shop […]

The Haruki Murakami Guide to Wooing Your Perfect Customer


Have you ever tried to define your perfect customer? To create a profile of the person you’d love to do business with? Have you ever tried to think what you could do to attract that customer? To ‘woo’ them to want to do business with you? What words would you use? What sort of language […]

The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy is Coming

Andy Maslen, The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy

Andy Maslen, bestselling author of three brilliant books on copywriting – Write to Sell, The Copywriting Sourcebook and Write Copy, Make Money - has something new in the pipeline, a copywriting academy. Andy’s books occupy the ‘must read and refer to often’ section of the essential reading list for copywriters here at Haydn Grey (you can […]

How to Use Storytelling to Get a Response when you Write Copy

Starbucks Frank's sponsorship page

This chalkboard is standing on the counter in our local Starbucks. The staff in the branch are often doing amazing things for charity. One woman abseiled down the side of the Baltic art gallery, another did something terrifying involving a zip wire and the Tyne River but this board really held my attention – and […]

On root canals, pain points and why your website is turning your customers off

On root canals, pain points and why your website is turning your customers off

My whole face hurts. It really, REALLY hurts. Even the drugs with the red warning stickers on that say ‘Warning: May Cause Addiction’ don’t really touch the pain I’m in. I’m rocking from side to side like an injured animal and wondering how much gin there is in the house. Something is moaning softly. That […]

Now, 5 Copywriting Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know

Copywriting Secrets You Should Know

Fame at last! Every month I contribute an article to the local business magazine in my area. The editors give me a very wide brief but this month I stayed close to home with a piece on copywriting. The actual title of the article is ‘Now, 5 Copywriting Secrets every Small Business Owner Should Know’ […]

How to do Keyword Research | infographic

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The Art of Great Headlines – according to Victor O. Schwab

Image of classic books on copywriting

There are many great books on copywriting. Some, like Andy Maslen’s ‘Write to Sell‘ entered the world quite recently. Others, like Victor O. Schwab’s ‘How to Write a Good Advertisement – A Short Course in Copywriting’ have been gracing the bookshelves of ad agencies and ‘creative types’ for many years. In fact, looking at the […]

How to Write a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

Spied – this infographic is astonishingly useful and so we have repinned it from Pinterest here for you to share. Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

In the Words of David Ogilvy …

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