“Your message should single out your prospect like a man being paged in a crowded hotel lobby.”
Claude Hopkins

Sales letters are powerful tools for conveying large amounts of sales information. They allow you to target your prospect and overcome any objections they may have to your offering. From product launches to customer re-engagement we write sales letters that sell.

“I asked Katherine to prepare 3 sales letters and 3 emails, in no time at all she had crafted superb copy for me. Brilliant turn round time, very happy with the results. Highly recommended.”
Dave Rout, We Fix Alloys launch campaign

“Katherine excels in producing focused, engaging copy. Her ability to quickly grasp concepts and ideas enables her to craft professional pieces on pretty much any subject matter. Diligent research coupled with a creative mind means that she often spots new angles to subjects, bringing a fresh approach to the table.”
Graham Green, Managing Director