It’s a bit weird, isn’t it? Having a ‘We support’ page on a website?
What’s that all about then?

At the time of writing all the people involved in Haydn Grey are women. Women who would, once upon a time have been girls. Girls who went to school, who had access to clean clothes, regular meals, clean water and a safe place to sleep. Girls who were very lucky.

In acknowledgement of the fact that there are girls all over the word who haven’t had the chances that we’ve had. The support that we’ve received. The opportunity to set ourselves up in business and to support ourselves and our families.

Because of all that we’re sponsoring a girl with Plan UK.

Image shows logo for Parkinson's UK

We offer copywriting support to our local Parkinson’s UK group and support The Alzheimer’s Society, because daily crosswords, Sudoku puzzles and bowls of health food shop museli don’t work to protect even the brightest brains from this horrible disease.