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Just as technology is ever changing and evolving, so too is the world of SEO.

Google can change its magical algorithm at a moment’s notice and, unless you’re Professor Snape, you risk disappearing into the ether, never to make it past page 302 on the search results.

But not if you’re smart about it.

Why your keywords count

Search Engine Optimisation is, in essence, based on two basic elements – keywords and connections.

Keywords are based on language. The language your customers use to find you online. Think what a prospect might type into the search bar on their computer and you’re almost there.

Connections are based on links. And links are what you’ll get if you write outstanding content.

So, in its simplest terms, good SEO is based on matching your customers’ language to the words that you use online. Which means your content needs to be brilliant. And relevant. And useful. And unique. And engaging.

And if you create great content, more people are likely to link to it and spread the word about what you offer.

And it’s these links that boost your SEO rankings.
See? Not so scary now, is it?

We’ve written powerful SEO copy for lots of people. Can we write for you?

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Website copywriting

What’s Your Tone of Voice?

In a sea of long-winded sentences, nonsensical homepages and – let’s face it – jargon-filled corporate twaddle, wouldn’t you like to interest and engage your prospects? To fascinate and compel your audience – and then convert them into loyal customers? We can help.

We’ll work with you to develop your brand’s tone of voice so that all your writing is consistent and inspires your customers’ trust. And we’ll craft hard working web pages that translate your business online. So people can find you when they’re looking for you, and your business can grow.

How to write for your customer

What are you trying to say?

It’s true. Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in your online content. But it’s the living, breathing customer who’s reading your website who you need to write for.

After all, people buy from people. And it’s your prospective customer who will make the ultimate buying decision and who holds the purse strings. Remember to write to attract and engage them, not just the Google spiders.