Editorials, features and advertorials

Sometimes you need more than crafted copywriting. Sometimes your language needs to be more detailed, more descriptive.

Perhaps it’s a featured article in an industry journal?
Or a newspaper feature?

Clients: RWL LTD, Coast magazine, Expat Living magazine in Singapore, Woman’s Journal Magazine. B Magazine, Roundabout Magazine, Sunday Business Newspaper

“Katherine is a joy to work with. We’ve recently worked together on a major feature for one of my clients, which involved a lot of research and informative writing. Katherine delivered the writing on time with the added bonus of some wonderful photographs to bring the piece even more to life. I look forward to further opportunities to give my clients the very best through our collaborative working.”
Keith Newman, Director

“Katherine has a way of taking what I am trying to say and shaping it into something that people want to read. She does this by truly listening; capturing the essence of the message and then immersing herself in the process of communicating this to my audience. The articles that I have had published in national professional journals play a critical role in my marketing strategy and stand as testament to her outstanding skills and commitment. I look forward to our working together for a long time to come.” Iain McKenzie, Gestalt Psychotherapist